30. April 2012

From the seaside to the peak – The Lyngen Alps

There are so many extraordinary places in this world, which are still on my “to-ski-list”. And I think I just visited one, I can now check on my list – the untouched north of the Lyngen Alps in Norway.
Aline Bock and I decided pretty short timed, 3 weeks ago, that we do this amazing freeride trip to the far north of Norway. So we booked flights and flew with our crew of filmer (Clemens Krueger), photographer (Matthias Fend) and my bro to Tromsø, a small town about 400 km north of the polar circle.
From there, we based ourselves on the “Polargirl”, a pretty cool, red boat with sauna and hot tub. Ready to start the adventure, the Polargirl took us to the most amazing landscapes of the wild Norwegian Fjords, from where we started our ski tours. 6 days in a row, we skinned up 1200 meters high every day to have the most beautiful freeride runs down to sandy beaches of the ocean. I can’t describe how incredible fascinating this was… we were speechless several time of the beauty and impressing nature we got to ski in.
After every day, we let the day pass by with a cool beer in the hot tub in the sunset of the wild fjords. It was a very unique journey, I’ll never forget. The clip ot the journey will be released in Octobre, you can be excited.

Thanks to the whole crew, Hydroalpin and the sponsors for realizing thist unforgettable trip!!!

Have a sweet start in summer,

See you soon,


Pics by Matthias Fend
Aline&me relaxing...
View from our bunk. Amazing?
1 million tried fishes...yummie
Caribous chillin in the sun.
Hello beach... after a run down.
My bro waiting for the taxi boat at the beach.
Our buddies chillin after  the day.
Good Bye Polargirl!

26. März 2012

Lifestyle shooting and the grande finale

After a hard week for us it went to the typical way more relaxed Nine Queens Lifestyle shooting day. I could finally sleep in a bit after chronic sleep deprivation and what was left of the dark circles, the lovely make-up artists make uped it away. All queens dreesed up for the big lifestyle shooting and got done a perfect make up and hair styling.
Styled up and dressed in our dirndls we took the gondola up the mountain with full ski gear and went to a small restaurant with deer, birds of prey and lots of beer. Team Europe was at the start once again with the one and only Christopher Schöch as our photographer. The Queens were Lisa Zimmerman, Lena Stoffel, Eva Patscheider and myself. What a fun day!
The next day was finally the grande finale. Unfortunately, I did not make it to the finals, but the level was really incredible. Sw 1080s, Misty 9s, 540s sw cork, etc etc, what I call progression in women's freeskiing world. Ashley Battersby won the contest with her first and then switch wonderful 1080th Eveline Bhend was second and Kaya Turski third.
The after party was predictably wild. The Queens can namely not only skiing, but also celebrate quite well!
I thank everyone who made this possible and I'm already looking forward to next year! For more info check: www.ninequeens.com
Also check out the first video of day 1&2.

Lisa Zimmermann, Lena Stoffel, me and Eva Patscheider
That's how Bavarians go skiing
Dead fox
The jump was fantastic
Drop in
The winning Queens Ashley Battersby, Eveline Bhend and Kaya Turski

24. März 2012

Sunrise, Sunset and Night shooting... what a day

I didn’t sleep lots the last days, but it was definitely worth it. After 4 hours of sleep, I got up at 4 am to take the extra 5 o’clock gondola. Interesting how quite and peaceful a skiresort is at this time. Our castle looked amazing in the dark, still very sleepy. We were about 2 girls in the morning and had an amazing early bird session.
The photographers and filmers were stoked about the shots, they all turned out incredible and stunning. Such a good session with everybody!!!
After that we went down, some of the girls went back to bed, I had to stay awake till we took the gondola again at 2 pm to get ready for the sunset and nightshooting.  The castle was lightning up with torches and artificial light in blue and red. SOOO SICK!!!
Check out the coming soon news about the lifestyle shoot!!! It was rad!!

See you soon,

Good morning!
The enlightened castle.
Search the white-Caja spot.
Early morning team.

21. März 2012

Kick off at the Nine Queens, Sunset and Heli Session

After the wind chilled down yesterday, we finally checked in the jump und were rewarded with a mad sunset session. It was soo rad. The photographers and filmers were so stoked and all of them had a bride smile all over their faces. They got done one banger shot after the other of us 9Queens. YEAH! Still super happy about the successful evening, I rode downhill in the dark to the valley.
Today it was announced: HELI SESSION... and words fail me, it was sooo sick! Super high level tricks were thrown down and the level was pushed hard! The atmosphere was awesome and the 9Queens killed it pretty much. I can’t describe the feeling when the helicopter follows you just above the jump and I love, love, love it. You must be so focused on the point. I love those moments!
Sunrise morning, the alarm clock is on 4.00 a.m.

Along these lines, good night and see you tomorrow,

Me above le Chateau
Julie and me wating for the Heli
Sunset Pic by Lena Stoffel(-;
Caja and the little Heli-/Octokopter
Sean "Banana Bar" Balmer and some of the Queens, Caja, Lena, Silvia and Lisa

19. März 2012

Welcome Dinner at Nine Queens 2012

It’s on!!! In order not to say cheesy, I drove in a beautiful sunset to Fiss to the Nine Queens event 2012. Most of the queens were already there and everyone is super stoked being invited another year to join this amazing event. Unfortunately, the weather was not too good yesterday and we have to wait a bit longer to see the Chateau. But it looks like we will get to see the sun the rest of the week.
Like it is the tradition of every Nine Queens / Knights event, all Queens slipped into their Dirndls and we were expecting a very fancy welcome dinner in the cellar-vaults of an old castle. Romantic candle light lit up the gloomy cellar-vaults and the atmosphere was incredible. The food was delicious, I've had to eat two steaks, haha. My need for meat should be set for the coming week.
The mood was almost chivalrous, besides a lot of "Sex and the City" gossip among the girls and the question of the sauna tradition in the U.S. and Europe, the one or other brandy was drunk.
Today snowfall, but we’ll go up and have a first look the next hour, looking forward to it!!!


Speeches!!! Cheers Nico!!!
Last years Chateau!!
Virginie cutting the aaawesome cake!!!
Meat, Meat, Meat!
Fancy, fancy... (-;
Thanks Baby-G for this sick watch!
O boi!
Me last year on the jump!